My name is Norman Frink, Gospel Music Evangelist, serving our Lord singing and preaching His Word. I am sent out by West Gate Baptist Church, Tampa, Fl. George Pirt, Pastor. It has been my privilege to have traveled the breadth and length of our great country for the past 38 years with these purposes in mind:

  • Sing those songs that touch the heart of the lost and the saved.
  • To win lost souls through the medium of the Songs that the Lord has given me to sing.
  • To sing those songs that encourage and that bring joy to the hearts of His people.
  • To provide pulpit supply and to avail myself as an interim pastor for a period of time as needed.

Several years ago, BB McKenny wrote these powerful words:

“LORD lay some soul upon my heart and love that soul through me; and may I bravely do my part to win that soul for Thee.”

What is our part? It is 3-fold:

  • Pray for the lost
  • Go to the lost
  • Speak with the lost about the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ in Word and in Song.

This has been my goal for all these 38 + years of preaching and singing the Wonderful Works of God!  Since 2021, my now wife Vera and I are a duet on some songs.    


Music Presentation

I use my own music system and sing with professionally recorded accompaniment CD’s.  All of my music is stored in my Ipad, allowing me to be able to minister at any size church.  I sing a variety of styles. from the Country & Western Gospel, some Southern Gospel, many of the “Ole Hymns,” The Power Songs, like ‘He’s Alive, and O Glorious Love, and many Patriotic songs.  Many of my songs use no drums.  

I have quite a library of music so I can prepare my music to fit the listener and church. I intersperse my singing by using my Harmonica and at times the guitar. 

Our Ministry

We come on a Love Offering Basis only, trusting that God will meet our needs as we travel. We seek to be a blessing to the local churches that we minister to. At present we do not travel with a motor home or trailer but just our car.  For the first time I am raising financial and prayer support to help off-set the cost. Any help the churches can give towards this ministry will be so great!  We thank you in advance! 


The Singing Preacher

Even though I have pastored for several years in conjunction with my music, I would define myself as a Singer who Preaches. However, I am also a Preacher who sings! But, people remember me the most as a Gospel Music Singer. However, I have had the privilege of doing interim work.

I have been an interim for 12 churches along the way. This work requires much concentration, but allows me to also minister in the area churches . 

On some occasions, I have had to work a part time job so as to bring the offerings up and to grow the church. This way, when the Lord leads a man to come and take the work, they can be supported.

We welcome any opportunity to serve you whether your need is for one service or a week of services, one song or a full concert. Over the years I have sung for many revivals, mission’s conferences, camp meetings, special services, and banquets. I am also equipped to be a special speaker at any function or meeting you may have. I book several meetings in the areas in which we are traveling, so as to meet our goals and needs. We plan several “tours” throughout the year.

It would be our privilege to come and minister to you and your church through old fashioned, time tested, preaching and Christ Honoring Gospel Music and Hymns.