About Us

Even from a young lad, music and singing has been my passion.  Although I sing a variety of songs, because of my upbringing, I lean towards the Country and Western style. I particularly like that style because it is simple to understand and gets to the heart and the head. 

 While Serving at Tabernacle Baptist Church in Hudson, NH., in 1979, under Pastor Arlo Elam I noticed that most of the Independent Baptist  churches being started in the New England states were unable to have Special Music  for their services and planned programs.  Special Music groups were available, but at a large expense and (for so many churches) simply financially out of reach.  Based on this, my son Alan and I started and developed The Frink Family Gospel Music Ministry to serve the needs of the local Independent Baptist Churches whereby Pastors could have confidence that they were providing Christ Centered Music, without compromising on doctrinal issues. My style of music can be described as Western with a Ballad flavor.  Each song tells a full story of what the Lord has done, is doing and will continue to do in the life of His children!

In 1982, Alan and I dis-banded.  However, we both continue to sing and, when called upon, preach “The Wonderful Works Of God.”  As I have traveled the length and breadth of our nation, I have discovered that there are many good churches back in the coves and hollows of our nation that love the Lord to the best of their ability but many have not heard a clear presentation of the Gospel. On our  tours, we try to make contact with these small churches.  My message is simple:  “BELIEVE ON THE LORD JESUS CHRIST AND THOU SHALT BE SAVED!” KJV.  

 I was called into the Gospel Ministry under the pastorate of Ted Treisler, Monahan, TX., in 1970.  In 1971, my wife and I enrolled in Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO., I graduated in 1973. I hold a BA., M.Th., and D.Th., from The Carolina University of Theology and an Honorary D.Th., from Salt Lake Baptist College in Salt Lake, UT., Marshall Warneke, Founder & Pastor and Dr. T. E. Van-Buskirk, President.  I also have 2-Real Estate degrees.

For 22 years I pastored in conjunction with my singing ministry.  I believe this has given me a tremendous advantage in knowing the heart and desire of the pastor, because I have been on both sides of the phone, I tried to analyze if the Singer or Missionary or Evangelist was sent from God to the church I pastor for a reason.  Because I wanted, as pastor, to have people in that would lift Christ up and minister to the needs of the people God gave me. I refused to just say NO.  If God revealed to me that He indeed sent the Evangelist, Singer or Missionary, then money was no object!  God still owns the Cattle on a thousand hills, and He will make sure His Evangelist, Singer and Missionary would be adequately compensated so their ministry would not be impeded.   

In 2012, my wife Alice went Home to be with the Lord after 55 years of marriage.  In October of that year,  I remarried a widow by the name of Martha.   For 5 years we traveled our nation as a team.  In 2020 she, too, went home to be with the LORD.  Some time after, God sent Vera into my life. We were married March 6, 2021 in New Port Richey, Fl.  She had been a widow for 5 years.  For 20 years she managed and booked her own quartet, the Master’s Quartet,  in the Carolinas and Georgia.  She is Southern…I am Western.  What a harmonious combination!