Martha Frink

I was brought up in a “Christian” home, but never heard the gospel of salvation until 1975. At that time my daughter was 3 and I knew she needed to be in church. Since my father was brought up Baptist, I decided then to find a Baptist church for our family. Thankfully, after visiting several churches, I came upon a Fundamental, Independent Baptist church where they preached salvation and had an altar call.

In October, 1975, I was gloriously saved. My family became very active in the church after my first husband (who passed away in 2011) was saved, on Nov. 1975, when the preacher came out on visitation and led him to the Lord in our home. I then worked actively in junior church for about 20 years.

I had been practicing as a Pediatric Nurse Practitioner since 1971 when our church decided to start an ACE school program. I was sent to Texas for ACE principal training, and returned to the school where I taught for 3 years. After that, I returned to my Practitioner status of active work and continued that for 39 years. There were many opportunities in the clinics where I was certainly an example of living the life of a born again Christian. Many times I was able to actually witness to my patient’s parents.

After joining Sara Bay Baptist Church in February of 2012, I became active in the Almond Joy (widow’s) group and with driver’s assistance, was able to attend all scheduled services again. On July 29, 2012, at an evening dinner-on-the-grounds activity, I sat down at the only empty table, with just one person there. Norman, (a widower) had joined Sara Bay Baptist church that morning, so I introduced myself and asked to sit at his table. We must have talked 2 hours, and left as good friends.

Then Wednesday, Norman called the preacher and got my phone number. He called and asked me for a date that Saturday, and “the rest is history.” We were married October 7, 2012, knowing that a long courtship at our age was unnecessary. I am starting out on a new venture with Norman as he returns to his love of singing the Gospel, Preaching the Word, and teaching Christian workers as we begin touring to Independent  churches of like faith to be a blessing to their people.