Mission Statement

Gospel Music Evangelist Norman Frink is a soloist, recording artist, and preacher out of West Gate Baptist Church,Tampa, FL, as well as a graduate of Baptist Bible College, Springfield, MO., Class of “73”, and Carolina University of Theology, Belmont, NC., with a B.A., M.Th., and D.Th., 1994, as well as an Honorary D.Th. at Salt Lake Baptist College, Salt Lake City, UT., 1997.

My Mission and purpose as a Gospel Music and Song Evangelist is to reach others through music and through the preaching of God’s Word. Music can reach those who are discouraged and those who are far from God in a way that moves them closer to a decision for a personal relationship with our Lord and Saviour. Uplifting music brings joy to the hearts of God’s people. Those good old Gospel Songs and Hymns speak to the heart in such a way that helps them to understand the message in a simple and real way. I use a variety of styles, Fully Orchestrated, some Southern Gospel, many of the “Old Hymns,” I also use the soft Country and Western style.

I use the power songs to portray the seriousness of serving God with a pure and joyful heart. I use the Hymns to portray Doctrine. I use the Country & Western style because they tell a story that brings the truth down to man and when sung, lifts the man up to God.

Music touches the emotional part of the human physic, the heart, but music also allows the whole brain to get involved with the message, the melody and the motive. Music truly is the Universal language.