Norman’s Personal Testimony

Personal Testimony

As a young boy, I received religious training in a little country church in Carroll, Nebraska. My mother had been saved as a teenager and made sure we children were exposed to the Gospel Message.  I believe I was saved as a child, but I worked in the fields with some deacons of the church  and; because of their actions, I found I did not want what they had (supposedly), therefore rejecting the Holy Spirits tugging at my heart for many years. I did continue to attend church at my mothers bidding.

In 1958, while serving in the US Navy, I was once again convicted about pursuing a spiritual relationship. Upon release from the service, I sought out a good church in which to  enroll my two children. I found Evergreen Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington fit the bill. A short time later (Nov. 21st 1966) both My wife Alice, (Now deceased) and I accepted the Lord Jesus as our Saviour. Shortly after, all my children followed in their own  professions of faith. My wife and I served together for the next 45 years until her death May 11th 2012, just short of our 55th wedding anniversary.

In August, 2012 I met and courted a lovely and great lady by the name of Martha Nichol who was a widow.  We married October 7, 2012.  We are looking forward to see what the LORD has for us as we have retired from our tours.  We are now living in Webster, TX., and members of First Baptist Church in Seabrook, TX.

Dr. Norman H. Frink; B.A.,, D.Th., D.Th (Honorary) ABA.; CBA